Blog Post #10

Redshift & Portalmetal is a great piece of literature. When I first opened the poem I assumed that Micha Cardenas was referring to a far away and unknown planet. However, as I continued reading it reminded me more and more of our earth. It relates to global warming and the great arm humans have on our own planet. “ So I tried to stay, but the air was thick with chemical smells, the smell of human waste..” This line is very relevant to our own society. Earth continues to be polluted by humans and climate change continually becomes more severe. This poem presents the notion of leaving home planet and going to another less polluted planet. This is the kind of conversation a lot of people jock around now days saying that if earth gets bad enough we will all move to Mars.

I really enjoyed this poem. I felt like I could understand really easily what the message was and I could relate with it deeply. This is the kind of poem that can target a large crowd of people who are worried about the future of our planet. The imagery is also really nice with this digital literature as well as the soothing sounds of the wind. It allows the reader to really take in what the poem is saying in a very peaceful manner. Overall, I think this was a great piece of digital literature and I would recommend it to a lot of people to read.


Work cited:

Redshift & Portalmetal by Micha Cardens


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