Blog #7

“And those who wanted or needed to track the movements of consumers online had found their Valhalla: the actual buying habits of actual people were now eminently mappable and measurable, and the marketing to those actual people could be done with surgical precision. Most TruYou users, most internet users who simply wanted simplicity, efficiency, a clean and streamlined experience, were thrilled with the result. No longer did they have to memorize twelve identities and passwords; no longer did they have to tolerate the madness and rage of the anonymous hordes; no longer did they have to put up with buckshot marketing that guessed, at best, within a mile of their desires. Now the messages they did get were focused and accurate and, most of time, even welcome” (22-23).

In the novel, The circle by Dave Eggers, it is evident that with working at the Circle all kinds of privacy re invaded. With all the technological innovations privacy is no longer an option. For example Ty who is one of the originator’s of the circle. He created this online identity called TruYou that combines all of one’s online interactions (such as social medias).   As a result of this innovation it would increase the tractability of personal data. Also once Mae begins working she is instructed to get rid of her mobile devices and she is provided with new ones by the company. The devices are already backed up by the cloud. The circle continually portrays a trend of having control over society. Privacy is almost no longer an option when working for this company. A lot of the circle’s innovations have to do with gaining more and more control over people around the world. SeeChange is a new technology present by one of Mae’s colleges names Eamon Bailey. SeeChange would allow any user to be able to place little cameras anywhere they chose and share the footage with other people. He comes up with the slogan “all that happens must be known.” Another piece of technology presented in the novel is the Child Track. This is a chip, which is implanted in children’s bones, allowing parents, and the police to be able to track them at all times. A common theme throughout the novel is that with the new technologies privacy is no longer an option.


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