Blog #5

In the reading notes for Glazier poem it was trying to make connections between the images and the text.  The text is describing the kind of use the land has for the people if I understood correctly. “We’re the Glazier family, we eat what we want, anytime we want” Throughout the poem Costa Rica’s fresh goods are described and their uses. Such as eggs, potato salad, plantains, and white rice. It was difficult to keep up with the text since the message kept changing. The texts were well connected to the images. For example, an image would include banana leaves then the text would include information about bananas in Costa Rica. While reading “Stir Fry Texts” it was very interesting to see how the messages would change as I passed the cursor over the text. The new messages talked a lot about the nature of language. What I found myself focusing mainly on was trying to connect the new text with the previous text.

When I read these kinds of texts I find myself applying deeper attention. This is because for these rapid changing messages I need to concentrate especially hard in order to grasp of much of the message I can.   Although the text is not changing nearly as quickly as Project for Tachistoscope. Project for Tachistoscope was a lot more dynamic. That type of kinetic poetry is even more difficult for me to understand. With Stir Fry texts and the notes for the Glazier poem I was focusing more on making connections between the images or the different phrases that were continually changing rather than trying to grasp what words were popping up.



Work Cited:

-Jim Andrews et al, “Stir Fry Texts”

-Loss Pequeño Glazier, “White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares”


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